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In the suburb of Sandhurst, just outside Johannesburg at the Saxon Hotel, lies an oasis, the Saxon Spa. A destination of tranquility awaits embellished by a secluded location amidst lush manicured gardens. With 7,500 square feet of space guests are indulged by 11 treatment rooms, a unisex steam room, flotation pod, Himalayan salt sauna, heated hydro pool, cold plunge pool, heated outdoor plunge pool, wet room, relaxation zone, manicure bar, pedicure lounge; hair spa and studio; organic juice bar; and indoor/outdoor dining areas.                                                                                                                                                                    

Saxon Spa

The space designed by Stephen Falcke utilizes the traditional healing elements of dark woods, copper, linen, and water enticing the senses to a state of seduction. Particular detail has been paid to each well appointed treatment room where a locally hand-crafted Himalayan salt and recycled glass chandelier creates negative ions that increase the flow of oxygen to the brain, resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and a surge in mental energy.

Saxon Treatment Room

Guests begins their spa therapy journey with a welcoming milk foot ritual whilst indulging the Saxon Spa's signature aroma scent of Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Rose and Jasmine Petals, Pomegranate Blossoms, Musks, Cedarwood and Sandalwood delivered over their choice of background music gently playing transporting the mind body and spirit to a zen level of ecstasy. Escape from the grid for just a bit as you are pampered nourished and rejuvenated from the monotonous routine of life.                                 

Saxon Spa Treatment
The new Hammam Signature Therapy utilizes benefits of steam and warmth, with the exfoliating power of African black soap, providing a deep cleansing full body ritual beneficial for both mind and body. (45min)
Saxon Hammam

 Only for the true Spa Aficionado, the Saxon Himalayan Signature Journey is the crème de la crème spa journey, coddling you in a full body skin renewal Himalayan salt scrub, reviving your skin to that soft glowing newborn look and feel. Followed by the stress deliquesce hot granite massage that warm and ease muscle tension and then the soothing cold Rose Quartz crystal used to heal and diminish muscular inflammation. (90min)

Saxon Salon

 Apart from the wide variety of body treatments offered at The Saxon, there is also an extensive menu of Hair, Manicure and Pedicure services available as well as therapies specialized for the male clientele.








Indulge yourself at the Maya Spa and Healing Center where booking your treatment before arrival gets you 10% off

A true Spa-cation at the private adults only nature retreat leaves you no choice but to be off the grid. This Eco-resort offers 39 hand crafted tree houses where there is no electricity, no TV no phones.

Located by the sea in Tulum, Mexico (1:50 drive from the Cancun airport) the Mexican Royal Ebony tree houses provide quests with 180 degree vistas of the Caribbean and Maya Riviera coastline.

The seafront spa features traditional Mayan therapies, massages, herbal baths and yoga.

The resort is gay friendly and the beach is clothing optional.


Aire Ancient Baths

Situated in a converted NYC Tribeca 19th century textile factory is the oasis of Ancient Baths "Aire". The only ancient bath owned by The Aire Group this side of the pond, albeit a Chicago destination is scheduled to open in 2016.

Aire Ancient Baths of New York opened its doors in 2012 in a textile factory built in 1883. The Aire Group's insistence that each of its four Greek and Roman baths are located in restored historic buildings full of history and personality has certainly paid off, providing urban dwellers a sanctuary in which to escape for a fresh breath of "Aire".

 Bath offerings range from the Thermal Bath with Aromoatherapy where one has the option of choosing baths from 61°F, 97°F or for the bold 102°F, to the Red Wine Ritual an indulging the body in antioxidant properties of wine imported from the Matarromera winery in Spain.







Ancient Baths NY are located at 88 Franklin Street, New York, NY 10013


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