Natural Hair for a Healthier Life

Is your hair salon making you sick, literally.

Asthma, uterine fibroids, cancer, obesity and skin erosion have been linked to prolonged exposure to products designed for black hair. Revealed in a new study by Black Women for Wellness these products are not only some of the most toxic beauty products available but also unregulated, unlabeled and problematic.

According to the FDA, professional products (those sold only to professionals) are not required to list ingredients because the "Fair Packaging and Labeling Act" is applicable only to retail products for consumers. Due to lack of regulation that High End salon, where you are paying top dollar, that is using exclusive professional products could be making you sick.

Cosmetology professionals are required by law to complete a certain amount of Continuing Education hours (eight is an average) to renew their licenses biennial, although none of that training is relative to the products used daily in your salon. In 2011 the U.S. Department of Labor issued a warning against Hair Smoothing Products That Could Release Formaldehyde (Brazilian Blowout) that can cause allergic reactions of the skin, eyes, and lungs such as asthma-like breathing problems and skin rashes and itching and a cancer hazard. 

Black Women for Wellness reports that in 2014 Black women spent upwards of 5 billion dollars on beauty products and services, twice as much as any other ethnic group. With the rush for products from development to market driven by demand and accompanied by under regulation the Black community is well served by studies such as "one hair story"


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